As the first company to import ready-mix concrete plants in Turkey, Goker Group built expertise for over 40 years with in-depth local industry knowledge.

We are constantly improving our product portfolio and service offerings in alignment with innovation, technical expertise and customer-centric vision.

Model 140
Max.concrete output (rod side) 140m³/h
Max.concrete pressure (rod side) 85 bar
Pump cycles (rod side) 28/min
Conveying cyclinder (Dinside x stroke) 2000
Max.hydraulic pressure 320 bar
Oiltank 500 I
Watertank capacity 500 I
Hopper Capacity 500 I
Waterpump pressure 20 bar
Horizontal Reach 32,60 m
Vertical reach 36,60 m
Unfolding height 8434 mm
Slewing range 365°
1st element rotation 100°
2nd element rotation 180°
3rd element rotation 180°
4th element rotation 270°
Concrete pipeline diameter 125 mm
Length of endhose 4 m
Voltage 12/24 Volt

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