Concrete Recycling Betonwash System

  • Extraction of solid materials through a spiral system without the use of any filters often found in reclamation systems.
  • Two models available with capacity of 10 or 25 m3/hour.
  • Concrete cannot get in contact with the drive unit ensuring mechanical integrity.
  • Minimal wear of surfaces inside the inclined drum due to the low rotation speed and of the extraction spiral and the use of residue aggregate as a wear liner.
  • With a wide variety of possible configurations, BETONWASH will fit any plant and site.

BETONWASH is the definitive solution for reclamation of excess concrete and slurry water from cleaning of trucks, pumps, mixer, buckets, etc.

Betonwash units are systems that provide recycling for the debris leftover in truckmixers and concrete pumps.

Betonwash Recycling Units BW 10 BW25
Maximum wash-out (normal concrete, mc/hr) 11 25
Maximum wash-out (normal mortar, mc/hr) 4 8
Separation of solids (down to) (mm) 0.15 0.15
Maximum size of aggregates (mm) 50 50
Delivery required for clean water (mc/hour) Ara.18 Ara.18
Pressure required for clean water (bar) 2 2
Time required for end-washing (min) 6 7
Maximum number of discharge vehicles (n) 2 4
Dimensions of standard discharge hopper (mt) 1,5x2 1,5x3
Total Power 4 07.May
Power for clean water pump (if required, kW) 02.Şub 02.Şub
Loading skip capacity (mc) 0.8 0.8

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